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Countdown to Convergence!

Well, we've procrastinated long enough and there's now only 4 1/2 weeks to go before our debut as members of the HMA Badger. We're doing pretty well on the jackets - most everyone has one either finished or in process at least. Once the fabric is cut out Bob can sew them up in about an hour. Initial fitting and later adjustments take a bit more time. The hand sewing I do for the buttons, lining and so forth take a bit longer as well. We have all the components agreed upon at least, and we will be adding the extra bits like shoulder boards and sleeve trim/buttons as we go. Hats and goggles aren't finalized as yet, but pants, boots, shirts and belts have been. We are also working on individual costume components like a rum ration cup for me since I'm the Quartermaster, doctor bag and accessories for Shannon as the doctor and different weapons and belt accessories for crew members. Bob and Jeremy will be going to a local shop to search for appropriate cavalry style swords to go with the uniforms as well.

In other news, Kerry has been busting a** to get our game set up for Convergence. She and Jeremy think there will be a lot of interest in a mystery to be solved aboard ship - sort of like Clue but without Col. Mustard. We have been working on sets/props for the room - control room layout, radio op station, steering and sonar consoles, map table, paperwork "clues" and other small props. We are also trying to set up art for backdrops so that it looks like you are looking out of an actual dirigible control room. I think those will be the best set dressing we can have - should be fun if nothing else!  We managed to get a real Morse code key and we should be able to hook it up for the set. The radar screen set up hasn't been finalized but Bob is a genius and will come up with something cool.

We hope to see you all in Minneapolis over the 4th of July...stop in to see us, sign our guest book and have some tea and biscuits on us!

Ann Hill (aka Cassandra Blackwell)


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