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I created these ladies as a sort of open-source bunch, a roleplaying group for steampunk, retrofuture and other adventurous types. I have a few notes and ideas, but other than that, much is still in development.

Established officially in the early 1750's by Elizabeth Montagu, the Society can actually trace itself back a bit further to the Order of the Black Rose and the Little Sisters of the Blue Rose, two sister groups of women who dedicated themselves to the education of young women. The Black Roses were a knightly order with rumored ties to the Knights Templar and the Order of the Glorious Saint Mary. The Little Sisters of the Blue Rose were an ecclesiastical order with a special dispensation to study and teach sciences and the arcane arts.

The Society divides itself into factions designated by roses, The Red Rose deals primarily with romantic and artistic endeavors, The White Rose with theological and educational matters, The Gold Rose with sciences, The Black with combat and less savory occupations (espionage, assassination, blackmail), and The Blue Rose deals in arcane studies. Membership is open to anyone, however, working women are encouraged to join.

The Society is quiet for the most part, though they can be identified in gatherings by their trademark blue stockings, held over from the fashion at their establishment.

Any ideas? Historical inaccuracies to point out? Most of the historical stuff I can document, but if I messed up a date or name, feel free to correct me! I'm looking to actually organize this into a roleplaying group of sorts, so any help is most welcome!


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