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EDIT: Edited for place name accuracy and re-posted to the HMA Badger community.

From the personal journal of Nora Hester Moberly

February 9, 1900
Port Chicago

My former bunkmate aboard the Endymion, Beatrice Scarbury, is under the impression that what we are doing here in the Royal Air Service will one day be historically significant. As it is, I find that I cannot disagree with her. She has, for some time, kept a personal journal of her day-to-day life in the Air Service as she is able and I have decided to follow suit. I have no idea what significance my writings may one day hold, but I am strangely compelled by this idea and so I write.

I have been transferred from the Endymion to a ship in the American colonies called the HMA Badger, based at an airstrip in Daneshire in the Colony of Wisconsin.

Being so near the boarder with the FRAN, just over the Mississippi River, I suspect the Badger's duties will be largely concerned with guarding the Empire's boarders. I have been assigned as the ship's Navigator, which is a step up from my previous posting as Navigator's Staff.

It is rather cold here, which is a change from the warmer climates around Hong Kong, where the Endymion is based. Instead of winter rains, there is a near mountain of snow everywhere I look. Here in Port Chicago, I have a clear view of Lake Michigan, the southernmost of the Great Lakes, and it is actually frozen solid as far as I can see!

Well, I say "as far as I can see," but today that is not very far at all. There is a raging blizzard outside. It has delayed a number of departures and arrivals at the base here. In fact, I was to have boarded a train earlier that was to take me to my new posting. However, this storm has delayed it. So, I find myself with an unexpected layover. I have wired ahead to the XO of the Badger word of my delay with my apologies. I am anxious to begin my new posting, so I hope that this storm will not delay me overlong.

The other officers here, the ones who have been in the American Colonies for some time, have told me a little about what the area is like. I find it hard to imagine a land that can be so frigidly cold as this in the winter would be as beastly hot as they describe in the summer. I suspect they are holding a bit of a candle to the devil. I will simply have to wait to see for myself how things shake out.


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